About TECL

TECL (The Electrical Connection Ltd.) is an electrical construction and maintenance company which services, primarily the petroleum industry. We have looked after the needs of our customers for 20 years.With over 30 years of experience in the electrical trade we believe we can meet or exceed the expectations of our customers. We have experience in a wide range of fuel dispensing and monitoring systems and are willing and able to assist customers in designing a system which will best suit their needs. We pay close attention to safety and enviromental regulations. TECL truly is your connection to quality and affordability in all your petroleum projects.


Phil Neufeld , President of TECL(The Electrical Connection Ltd) began his career in the electrical trade in 1973. After 10 years of working in the trade he and his wife, Pat - Secretary/Treasurer with a degree in music and training in book-keeping, decided to start an electrical construction and maintenance company. TECL opened for buisness in October of 1983. Because of previous experience in the petroleum industry it was decided that they would concentrate on that area. Over the last 20 years they have built a significant and loyal customer base. The office is located in Saskatoon and services mainly the three prairie provinces but done has projects as far away as the North West Territories and Northern Ontario.